Testing required annually (wet test) & inspections 6 monthly

Hydrants to be tested annually with dry risers

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The person responsible for a building or site is legally required to maintain all fire fighting equipment, including dry risers. The British Standard Code of Practice BS9990:2006 requires a full annual pressure test and six monthly visual check for dry risers for buildings above 18 metres and below 60 metres (buildings over 60 metres/18 storeys require wet risers), & clause 7 of the Code states that inlets, landing valves, drain valves and landing valve boxes should be inspected every 6 months and recommends that wet tests be carried out annually when the main can be checked for leaks.

Dry Riser Testing – Annual Wet Test

Dry and wet risers are checked and pressure tested to 9 bar for a minimum of 15 minutes. All insets and outlets are checked for leaks and any missing or faulty items replaced.If any valves have to be replaced a further pressure test will be carried out before certification is issued.

Dry Riser Testing – Six Monthly Visual Test

This test involves a visual inspection only as required by BS9990:2006 and any missing or damaged items are replaced.


Full certification is issued when the systems pass a thorough operational test including pressure tests to 9 BAR for 15 minutes.


Dry Risers - Testing and Maintenance

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