InDepth Water Management were commissioned for installation of bungs to sump in a hotel swimming pool, in order to replace faulty valves.

InDepths dive team were on site for a total of one day. Within this time, the InDepth team conducted works which ensured that the hotel did not suffer any down time or loss of revenue. The Client in this case was offered two options (shut down and drain pool; dive options) and selected this solution as a cost saver.

Cost Dive Replacement Pool Shut Down
Drain & Refill Pool €0 €1,000
Pool Down Time €0* €12,000
Reheating Pool €0 €2,000
SAVING €15,000

*Hotel guests were still able to use the pool whilst InDepth carried out repairs

To drain down the pool (approx. 300,000 litres of water) install valves and refill can incur a shutdown period of 1 week with considerable cost to the business and loss revenue, not considering the water wastage and cost.

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