Air Scouring

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Air Scouring - Case Study 1. The Brief Indepth were commissioned to carry out water mains cleaning to a 100mm pipeline over 500m with heavy discolouration and bio-film to the internal pipework using the air scouring method.The objective of the survey was to; improve water quality by cleaning using air scouring and removing bio-films from

Protect Your Work Environment

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InDept, part of the McBreen Group, have quickly become experts in providing deep cleaning, sanitisation and ULV fogging sterilisation services. This service evolved at the request of our customers, following guidelines issued from the Department of Health and the HSA on Sanitisation, and the importance of businesses providing a safe environment for their staff and customers.

Protect Your Customers From Legionella Bacteria

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Keep Your Customers And Workforce Safe By Testing For Legionella Bacteria Did you know if the Water in your Storage Tank has been sitting idle for more than 14 days that you may be at risk of it being infected with Legionella? If this is the case is vitally important that you have your Water Storage

How to Prevent Legionella

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Although a swimming pool or spa water may look nice and clean, with the smell of chlorine clearly in the air, there could well be nasty bugs lurking that are harmful to public health. Swimmers can inadvertently become exposed to the potentially dangerous waterborne pathogen Legionella that can contaminate pool water. The bacterium is found

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