Leak Detection For Your Home or Business

Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection

Our Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection team is one of Ireland’s leading specialists in leak detection. We know from our Customer’s perspective there isn’t anything as frustrating as having a water leak and being unable to find it. That is when you call InDepth! Sometimes the location of leaks can be very obvious especially if your pipes suddenly burst and create a mess in your home or business. Other times, leaks can be harder to find….thats where InDepth Leak Detection comes in!

Why choose InDepth for Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection?

InDepth are experts in the detection of leaks

Experienced – InDepth Water Management has been successfully tracing leaks, with minimum fuss, for over twelve years. Our lead leak detection engineer has over 10 years of experience in plumbing systems and heating systems.

Latest Technology – InDepth uses the latest technology in leak detection and our trained engineers have very high success rates. Our techniques are far less invasive than traditional methods of leak detection.

Repairs – InDepth not only trace the leak, and find the leak but also repair leaks to all plumbing systems and mains water systems.

Nationwide – InDepth offers a Nationwide Leak Detection service and we are on call with an Emergency Call Out Service available 24/7.

Reporting to the Customer or Dealing with Insurance Companies – our experienced team will provide a completed work report. We can also supply estimates/quotations for the leak tracing/ repairs to your loss adjuster, insurance company or broker. We will explain exactly what needs to be done and keep you updated throughout the job.

A water leak is not only a major inconvenience but can greatly impact your business or health:

Some signs you have a leak could come in the form of lower water pressure in your taps, water stains on your walls, higher water bills or a loss of pressure to your heating system If you notice any of these signs, act quickly and contact InDepth to locate the source of the leak before the leak deteriorates any further causing greater damage. Below are some of the risks associated with leaking pipes:

  • Contamination risk – If your leak comes from a burst or broken pipe that carries drinking water – that water is at risk of contamination.
  • Increased Commercial rates – leaking pipes result in increased water usage which in turn means additional water bills.
  • Fire Hazard – leaks near electrical wiring carries an increased risk of shorted wires or short circuits. Leaks of the fire ring main piping network may reduce water flow for emergency services.
  • Structural damage – continued or prolonged leaking may result in structural integrity issues, damage to attics, walls, mould – all issues that can be costly to resolve or have health implications.
  • Business Interruption – severe leaks may result in a business having to shut down – if this does happen InDepth can also supply Emergency Water to your business.

What Next:

If you have noticed low pressure, damp spots, constant running water, and/or a high water bill then get in touch with InDepth Water Management. We are the one-stop leak detection specialists.

Methods InDepth Use To Detect Water Leaks

Specialized Tracer Gas – The introduction of gas allows the team to pinpoint the location of the leak in some cases to a tile in your floor.

Acoustic Devices – Mainly used on water mains, our ground mic can pick up on sounds of leaks without drawing any network.

Infra-Red/Thermal Imaging – Used on hot piping networks this can be used to trace the leak and in some cases narrow the search by seeing “Pooling” around pipes.

Book Leak Detection for your Home or Business

For more information on any of our services, please contact us on 0818 77 22 22 or email us at info@indepth.ie. Or you can also reach us on our Contact Us page. We offer a 24/7 Emergency Call Out Service Nationwide.