Reservoir Restoration & Inspection

Reservoir Restoration, Inspection & Surveys

InDepth Water Management are experts when it comes to water Reservoir Restoration & Inspection & Reservoir Surveys. We use a highly specialised ROV Underwater Camera with powerful lighting and video capabilities. This provides clear images for reporting of structural problems. These include cracks or fractures in the concrete or corrosion on deteriorating pipework and fittings within the reservoir.

The ROV is compact and sturdy – measuring 60cm x 30cm. It also extends to 150metres thus eliminating the need for emptying large reserves of water when inspecting reservoirs. 

InDepth’s ROV Reservoir Surveys Service is very popular with Local Authorities, Group Water Schemes, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Companies throughout Ireland. And this means the best for inspection, repair and preservation of reservoirs.

Regular inspection and safeguards are also necessary to protect the integrity of the structure. Therefore surfaces in contact with water are prevented from deteriorating or breaking down.

Reservoir Relining and Repairs

InDepth Water Management also provide full cleaning, restoration and repair works for Reservoirs and Tanks.

This includes:

  • Cleaning 
  • Concrete repairs 
  • Relining Internally & Externally (Approved Sika application contractors)
  • Ladder replacement 
  • Hatch and vent replacement
  • Concrete injection
  • Chlorination of reservoir on completion


We provide a full solution service for all reservoir and specifications of all materials used.
Therefore the system will protect the existing structure for many years to come.

The pictures below show before and after relining a reservoir.

InDepth Water Management Reservoir Before

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