Utility Pipe Tracing

Indepth Water Management are experts in Utility Pipe Tracing, and map and locate underground services.

PWG (Pulse Wave Generator) – this system consists of a receiver (geophone) and an electronic pulse generator (PWG) screwed onto a water pipeline and/or a hydrant. This system allows location of non-metal pipes running up to 2 metres below the surface.

Features and benefits of the Pulse Wave Generator system:
*Pipe section is not shut down during process
*Distance covered between 50 metres – 600 metres
*PWG can help to draft, amend or check network plans
*Inside and outside residential areas

Unknown pipes are located quickly, safely and reliably with the PWG system.

Flexi Tracer Reel – Using RD8000 / PX3 and flexi tracer reel we can locate utilities such as electricity, telecoms, lighting cables, television, drains and sewers.

Cable Reel also gives us the ability to trace water main pipelines up to 100metres.

InDepth Water Management Utility Pipe Tracing
InDepth Water Management Utility Pipe Tracing

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