MAST II Step Tester

MAST II Step Tester

InDepth Water Management are experts in Step Testing Surveys. Wet step testing normally involves connecting the inlet to a pump & water supply using a pressure fed supply. We then charge the system with water to a pressure of 10 bar measured at the inlet for a period of at least 15 min.

During this period, we inspect the system and check that no leakage of water is taking place at any of the joints or landing valves.

Why Step Testing?

Performing Step Testing is one of the most effective ways of identifying high leakage within a water distribution network. It requires the establishment of zones of DMAs where water can be supplied though a single meter.

We usually carry this out at night since this is the time when consumption is lowest and most stable – it also means less disruption to consumers.

InDepth Water Management use the MAST II System which comprises of two instruments:
– a data logging unit with high power radio transmitter
– a portable flow indicator / recorder with integral radio receiver

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