Step Testing Surveys

InDepth Water Management are experts in Step Testing Surveys. Step Testing Survey approaches are executed to decided actual leakage volumes.

A massive lower inflow, or “step”, suggests a leak withinside the segment of pipe which has simply been isolated. This approach allows to peer the outcomes of the valve closure immediately, accelerate the operation, and decrease the time the valves are left closed.

InDepth Water Management MAST II Step Tester

What Is Step Testing?

Step testing practices are implemented in order to determine the exact amount of leakage volumes within a certain area. By performing a step test survey, InDepth are able to isolate an area, or multiple areas, of leakage, instead of surveying a whole water system in detail. This method of testing allows for quicker reports on site and less associated costs.

This technique requires use a series of short steps isolation of sections of pipe by closing the line valves one by one. During each survey, the flow of the water meter is observed and the times when each section of pipe is isolated is noted.

A step, or large decrease in flow would indicate that there is a leak with a certain section of pipe. By using this technique to isolate and see the results of valve closure immediately, allows InDepth to speed up the speed of the process and reduce the amount of time in which the valves are closed.

Why Step Testing?

Performing Step Testing is one of the most effective ways of identifying high leakage within a water distribution network. It requires the establishment of zones of DMAs where water can be supplied through a single meter.

Our Team usually carry out step testing surveys at night since this is the time when consumption is the lowest and most stable – it also means less disruption to consumers supply of water.

The minimum flow of water at night are then evaluated against expected and calculated legitimate usage within that DMA. If results are irregular and there is a guaranteed leakage for the tested DMA, then Step Testing will be performed within that DMA to localize any leakage potential. Estimated leakage potential within each isolated DMA will then be recorded.

Why Choose InDepth?

InDepth Water Management proved all our clients with a professional service with our skilled step testing team, who are available for both strategic leak reduction contracts and on an ’emergency callout’ basis nationwide.

With over 6 years experience, InDepth Water Managements team of Leak Detection Technicians have been successfully tracing leaks and are dedicated to delivering results with minimum fuss. Our track record provides each client with unrivalled value for money.

Our Step Test also provides an effective way of checking traditionally hard to find leak situations such as PVC systems.

Step Testing Clients Include:

  • Local Authorities – County Council water conservation projects
  • Public Sector – Hospitals, Colleges, Schools, Public Buildings
    Industrial & Commercial– Hotels, Factories, Industrial Estates, Shopping Centres
  • Developers – New Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Group Water Schemes – Leak detection surveys on rural water networks
  • Consultant Engineers – New Developments, Water Conservation Projects

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