Commercial Water Audit

With ever spiraling energy costs, protecting your bottom line/pocket by paying precisely for the water you consume has never been more important.

Why not call InDepth Water Management to conduct a Full Water Audit for your business?

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Water Audit:

Complete insight into water use with the purpose of highlighting savings and how they can be achieved. Read on for more information on our recent audit for a repeat commercial customer in County Louth.

InDepths Full Water Audit involved the below:

  • 7-day logging of the bulk meter
  • Flow and pressure testing of all fire hydrants
  • All sluice and air valves were checked for leaks/operation
  • 12-point check on all boundary boxes/ water meters
  • Full acoustic leak detection carried out on the main water line

Upon completion, a comprehensive report was issued to the client.

Some of our findings:

  • Minor leaks on hydrants/defective hydrants. This in turn can save lives by ensuring emergency water access is available.
  • Domestic meters leaking/domestic leaks were identified

Water is the most important resource we all have, so these audits can and will save 1000’s of litres a day in Ireland.

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