Dry/Wet Riser Testing required annually & inspections 6 monthly

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The person responsible for a building or site is legally required to maintain all fire fighting equipment, including dry risers. Under BS9990-2015 test pressure is 12bar for 15min. and Irish standard I.S. 391:2020 test pressure is 15bar for 15min. If there is a loss in pressure then the system is deemed to have failed. A full annual pressure test and six monthly visual checks should be completed for dry risers for buildings. Inlets, landing valves, drain valves and landing valve boxes should be inspected every 6 months and recommends that wet tests be carried out annually when the main can be checked for leaks.


Full certification is issued when the system passes an operational test

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Dry/Wet Riser Testing

InDepth Water Management offer a Fire Hydrant Testing service that measures the pressure and maximum flow rate from the hydrant. All fire hydrants are to be tested at least once a year. InDepth Water Management can offer these tests as a once-off or as part of an annual maintenance contract. We conduct Hydrant Testing and maintenance not only for insurance purposes, but to ensure operability if a fire was to occur. At InDepth Water Management, we believe that prevention is better than cure.

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