Emergency Water Supply, Leak Detection & Repair

Last week InDepth Water Management were contacted by a client that had a major problem with a leak, leaving over 200 people without water. Pumps were constantly running and this could have led to a burnout in pumps which could have cost the client 1000’s of euro.

With our comprehensive range of services we responded and supplied a water tanker within 4hours of the call. Our leak detection team were mobilised and onsite within 12hrs of the call for leak detection such was the severity of the leak.

The works involved to repair the leak included
• The use of Acoustic ground mic to locate the leak
• the introduction of leak detection gas to the line for further leak detection
• Scanning for underground services prior to excavation
• Excavation of the area
• Pipe repair
• Repair of the tar and surrounding areas

InDepth Water management Potable Water Tanker
InDepth Water management Potable Water Tanker Side View
InDepth Water management Potable Water Tanker Front

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