Hydrostatic Pressure Testing - Cavan

InDepth Water Management were requested to carry out a hydrostatic pressure test on a 200mm water main to allow final connection to the Irish Water network in Cavan.

At InDepth, we conduct all hydrostatic pipeline pressure testing in accordance with IGN 4-01-03 2015 standards.

Below are 10 key steps for such works to be carried out:

  1. Prior to any testing, operative confirms the type of line to be tested (HDPE/MDPE/DI)
  2. Identifies all air valves, sluice valves and hydrants along the line
  3. Operative confirms the correct installation of the test end plate and blank end plate
  4. Pipeline filled from the lowest available point with water
  5. Air is removed by use of air vents/hydrants at the highest point
  6. A period of time is allowed to ensure the water level is stable / Allow the water to stand for stabilisation
  7. Operative raises the pressure in a controlled manner
  8. Pressure to be monitored from the lowest level
  9. If the result of the pressure test is successful only then can chlorination commence
  10. Once works have been completed an independent sample is to be taken and a report issued to the client within 7 working days

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