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InDepth Water Management Sterilisation

InDept, part of the McBreen Group, have quickly become experts in providing deep cleaning, sanitisation and ULV fogging sterilisation services. This service evolved at the request of our customers, following guidelines issued from the Department of Health and the HSA on Sanitisation, and the importance of businesses providing a safe environment for their staff and customers. We pride ourselves on finding solutions for our customer’s and our ULV  Fogging Sterilisation has enabled businesses to reopen with an assured peace of mind, keeping their employees and customers safe. 

About Ultra Low Volume Fogging

ULV Fogging is the process of fully disinfecting your premises using certified and Government Approved Disinfectants in the form of Ultra-fine droplets which are sprayed into the air. These droplets settle on and around all surfaces with little or no disruption to the working space, disinfecting the area completely and is safe to return working to again within 30 minutes.

ULV Fogging combats airborne pathogens and enables effective Sanitisation of any surface. ULV can be used in all environments and is food safe.

Advantages of Fogging:

  • Ultra-Low Volume Fog sprayed into the area.
  • Ultra-Low Volume ensures surfaces are dry on completion.
  • Ultra-Low Volume Fog ensures uniform spread to achieve disinfection.
  • Ultra-Low Volume Fog can be used in all environments.
InDepth Water Management Foggy
InDepth Water Management Germs
InDepth Water Management Satisifaction

Don’t Wait, Decontaminate!

If you would like to have a more detailed conversation with one of our experts, to develop a personalised solution with Government Standards and Covid-19 Guidelines in mind for your Business, just click the button below and we’ll arrange a call.