Vartry Reservoir, Co. Wicklow

InDepth water management in conjunction with Irish water were delighted to be part of the over pumping, cleaning, sterilisation and overflow extension of Vartry Reservoir, County Wicklow.

Over pumping

Cleaning and sterilization

This was a team effort with the help of the McBreen Environmental to clean and sterilize this reservoir within project timeframes. This reservoir was slightly unique with the baffled walls included in the cleaning program. This reservoir serves 10’s of thousands of homes across Dublin so it was imperative for InDepth water management to complete the cleaning and sterilization as efficiently as possible.

Pipe Extension

This pipe extension included the erection of a scaffold under confined space restrictions, pipe lowering using the below gantry system and the installation of pipework to increase the capacity of each reservoir by over 1 million liters each.

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