Emergency Call-Out

InDepth Water Management Van

Legionella Trace – Emergency Call-Out The InDepth Water Management team received an emergency call last week, about a Legionella trace on a clients site. Within hours we had our specialist team on-site to flush and sterilise tanks and pipework. All work was completed by 2 am with no downtime for our client, saving them thousands. […]

Legionella Survey

InDepth Water Management Water Tank

Legionella Survey A recent Legionella survey of one of our customers turns up some alarming results Following testing and inspection of tanks to ensure that the water quality and safeguard from Legionella has turned up a positive Legionella trace. Due to lack of use and not being properly insulated the water sample has come back positive. Coldwater storage […]

Protect Your Customers From Legionella Bacteria

InDepth Water Management Hand Washing

Legionella Bacteria Keep Your Customers And Workforce Safe By Testing For Legionella Bacteria Did you know if the Water in your Storage Tank has been sitting idle for more than 14 days that you may be at risk of it being infected with Legionella? If this is the case is vitally important that you have your […]