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InDepth Water Management Air Scouring

Air Scouring

Air Scouring – Case Study 1. The Brief Indepth were commissioned to carry out water mains cleaning to a 100mm pipeline over 500m with heavy

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Reservoir Cleaning - InDepth Water Management

Reservoir Cleaning

Reservoir Cleaning Reservoir Cleaning InDepth Water management was called by our client to clean and sterilise an underground reservoir tank. The reservoir was 100x50m long

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InDepth Water Management Van

Emergency Call-Out

Legionella Trace – Emergency Call-Out The InDepth Water Management team received an emergency call last week, about a Legionella trace on a clients site. Within

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InDepth Water Management Water Pipe

Leak Detection

Leak Detection Domestic & Commerical There is nothing as frustrating as your home or business having a water leak and being unable to find it!

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InDepth Water Management Water Tank

Legionella Survey

Legionella Survey A recent Legionella survey of one of our customers turns up some alarming results Following testing and inspection of tanks to ensure that the

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InDepth Water Management Sterilisation

Protect Your Work Environment

Protect Your Work Environment InDept, part of the McBreen Group, have quickly become experts in providing deep cleaning, sanitisation and ULV fogging sterilisation services. This service

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